35K Replacement Type Ultrasonic Transducer Telsonic

35K Replacement Type Ultrasonic Transducer Telsonic

Ultrasonic device consists of ultrasonice transducer, booster and work horn. The transducer is an energy converter, which can converted the high frequency, high power current, output of power supply into reciprocating mechanical energy of the ultrasonic vibration, the vibration frequency output of drive power with the same frequency as the current

 35K Replacement Type Ultrasonic Transducer Telsonic






Transducers convert high-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical vibration.It contains several piezoelectric ceramic plates sandwiched between two metal blocks.Between each disk is a thin metal plate that forms an electrode.When a sinusoidal electrical signal is fed through the electrode to the transducer, the disk expands and contracts, producing axial vibrations.



35 khz

Output power

1200 watt

Joint bolt


Ceramic disc Diameter

25 mm

Quantity of Ceramic discs

4 pcs


4 nf


6 um


welding machine


 •Optimization of the heat welding defects (yellowing, edge burning and blocking up). •It is suitable for welding the thermal plastic such like: HDPE,PP,PE,ABS,PVC,PC,EVA,PMMA,PS,PP,PBT,PETG, and other plastic, also for fiber cotton, chemical fiber, metal hardware in the aspects of riveting, cutting, sealing, welding, spot welding, embossing, fixed position for files, melt welding  •According to customer needs to replace riveting, welding, embedded, removing process, relative to other traditional process (such as adhesives, hot welding or screw connection), has high production efficiency, good weld quality, environmental protection and energy saving advantages • Portable operation, fast, clean, safe and stable •It can Set the working time, the delay time and holding time according to the customer's demand,. 

Applied Range:

Ultrasonic transducer,ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic horn constitute a whole ultrasonic system,

which can be widely used to do welding in various kinds of industries.Applied Industries : automobile industry, electric industry, medical industry, household appliance industry, non woven fabric clothing,

packing, office supplies, toys, etc.Applied Machines : Ultrasonic cleaner,Beauty set,welding machines,cutting machines,Medical scalpel and tartar clear.




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