20KHz Ultrasonic Welding Machine Transducer For Plastic With Generator

20KHz Ultrasonic Welding Machine Transducer For Plastic With Generator

Ultrasonic device consists of ultrasonice transducer, booster and work horn. The transducer is an energy converter, which can converted the high frequency, high power current, output of power supply into reciprocating mechanical energy of the ultrasonic vibration, the vibration frequency output...
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20KHz Ultrasonic Welding Machine Transducer For Plastic With Generator

Introduction :

Ultrasonic processing transducer stack is an industrial technique whereby high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are locally applied to workpieces being held together under pressure to create a solid-state weld. It is commonly used for plastics, and especially for joining dissimilar materials,embossing etc. 

Product Name

The high power ultrasonic transducer(coverter)


stainless steel, ceramic,titanium alloy





Service life

morn than 20000 hours 


ultrasonic welder, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic reactor and so on

Advantages :

1.High Efficiency: of high mechanical factor. High transfer efficiency is obtained when working in resonance frequency.

2.Big amplitude: designed and chosen by computer, high oscillation speed and big amplitude in front   operculum.

3.Big Power: under the function of the prestressed  force screw rod, the piezoelectricity ceramics can work freely in the highest level of power.

4.In good heat resistance: of small resonance impedance, less heat produced, can be used in a wide range of temperature with long life and high reliability.



Q: what is the structure of PZT transducer ?

A:The transducer consists of a housing, a matching layer, a piezoceramic disc transducer, a backing, an outgoing cable, and a Cymbal array receiver.

Q:What should i do if the transducer get wet?

A:When the transducer is damp, you can use a megohmmeter to check the plug connected to the transducer. Check the insulation resistance value to determine the basic situation. Generally, the insulation resistance must be greater than 5 megaohms. If this insulation resistance value is not reached, generally the transducer is damp, the entire transducer (excluding the plastic housing) can be placed in an oven and set to dry at about 100°C for 3 hours or using a hair dryer to damp normal.

Q:Is ultrasonic harmful to heath?

A:No, ultrasonic frequencies between 20 and 35 kHz are not harmful to humans. Sometimes unpleasant whistling side noises will occur. Therefore machines in the lower frequency range often have sound insulation.

Q:What is Piezoelectric Effect?

A:There are certain materials that generate electric potential or voltage when mechanical strain is applied to them or conversely when the voltage is applied to them, they tend to change the dimensions along certain plane. This effect is called as the piezoelectric effect.