20KHZ Ultrasonic Transdcuer With Booster And Steel Horn

20KHZ ultrasonic transdcuer with booster and steel horn,the price is cheaper, can be used in a variety of ultrasonic equipment, cost savings, long service life

20KHZ ultrasonic transdcuer with booster and steel horn


Since the 1920s, various materials with magnetostrictive effects have been discovered one after another. One type is metal magnetostrictive materials, such as nickel, iron-cobalt alloy, aluminum-iron alloy, nickel-iron alloy, nickel-cobalt alloy and so on. This type of material is characterized by high mechanical strength, high Curie point and stable working performance. Transducers made of this material are often used in sonar equipment. The other type is ferrite magnetostrictive material, such as nickel zinc ferrite, nickel copper cobalt ferrite, nickel zinc cobalt ferrite. The biggest advantage of this material is low eddy current and magnetic loss, high sensitivity, and can be used to make hydrophones and underwater acoustic transducers with high working frequency requirements [2]:4. But with the widespread application of PZT materials, magnetostrictive materials have almost been replaced. Because when the power requirement is not large, the piezoelectric transducer has the advantages of simple structure, stable performance and low cost.




Warranty:1 YEAR

Weight (KG):2.5 KG


Ceramic Disc Diameter:50mm

Quantity of Ceramic DIsc:4pcs


ultrasonic transdcuer with booster and steel horn (13)

ultrasonic transdcuer with booster and steel horn (12)





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