20khz 2000w Ultrasonic Transducer Replacement Dukane 41C30

All of the parts used in these converters are new, not recovered from scrapped units. These converters are made in a highly controlled and repeatable manner to duplicate the performance of the OEM models. The parts are made from certified materials in tightly controlled manufacturing processes in an ISO registered facility, assembled and tested in a climate-controlled environment using carefully calibrated equipment, then properly aged and re-tested to ensure performance that duplicates the OEM part. Best of all, since the manufacturing process is so carefully controlled, durability is assured.

20khz 2000w Ultrasonic transducer Replacement Dukane 41C30 


Power: 2000w

Frequency: 20khz

Ceramic disc diameter: 50mm

Connection thread: 1/2-20UNF

Number of ceramic pieces: 4pcs

Capacitance (pf):11000

Advantages :

good heat resistance

large range of working temperature

low resonance impedance and heat productivity


The high quality of the 20Khz ultrasonic transducer with high power , replacement converter for Rinco is applied to Dukane type ultrasonic welding machine.it have more competitive price. where we need.

Ultrasonic transducer for replacement Dukuan 41S30 (15)


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