20K Ultrasonic Welding Transducer With Steel Booster Replacement Rinco Type

Today ultrasonic welding is used in every industry that processes plastics. Most common uses are in the Automotive, Medical, Textile, Food, Plastics, and Packaging industries.Conforming to the spirit of "Service First", ALTRASONIC provides lifetime maintenance to its products for as long as they are used by customers.

20K Ultrasonic Welding Transducer with Steel Booster Replacement Rinco Type


In the industry, the whole of the transducer connected to the booster is called a vibrator. The piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics realizes the mutual conversion of electrical energy and mechanical energy (acoustic vibration), and the device is amplified by the acoustic impedance matching front and rear radiation cover blocks.

In general, aluminum booster have high conversion efficiency, but the material has low strength, is easy to crack, and is easy to slide out from the screw hole, Steel booster has higher strength but higher acoustic impedance; all the circular characteristics of the titanium booster are very good. The price is high and the processing is difficult.





Model: Replacement for Rinco type

Frequency: 20Khz

Application: Welding


Suitable for a variety of applications, such as ultrasonic welding, cutting, sewing, etc.

It is divided into industry, agriculture, transportation, life, medical and military according to the applied industry.



1. Using high quality piezoelectric ceramic components.

2. Carefully designed, processed and tested.

3. For the bolt-on type, stable ultrasonic waves can be generated even when the load changes.

4. It has the characteristics of large amplitude, high electroacoustic conversion rate, low heat generation, high reliability and good consistency.




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