15KHZ Ultrasonic Transducer With 4 Ceramic Pieces 6015-4Z

15KHZ Ultrasonic Transducer With 4 Ceramic Pieces Excellent quality, very competitive price, long service life

15KHZ Ultrasonic Transducer With 4 Ceramic Pieces 6015-4Z


Among the many types of ultrasonic transducers, piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers are the most widely used. Piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers use various dielectrics with piezoelectric effect, such as quartz, piezoelectric ceramics, and piezoelectric Composite materials and piezoelectric films, etc., convert electrical signals into acoustic signals, or convert acoustic signals into electrical signals, thereby realizing energy conversion. Piezoelectric ceramic materials are currently extremely commonly used materials in ultrasonic research and applications. Its advantages include :

(1) The electromechanical conversion efficiency is high, generally reaching about 80%;

(2) It is easy to shape and can be processed into various shapes, such as discs, rings, cylinders, cylinders, rectangles and spheres, etc.;

(3) Ultrasonic transducers with a variety of different properties can be obtained by changing the composition, such as transmitting type, receiving type, and transmitting and receiving dual-use type, etc.;

(4) Low cost, stable performance, and easy to popularize and apply on a large scale.


Output power2600watt
Joint boltM20*1.5
Ceramic disc Diameter60mm
TypeNTK Type
ApplicationPlastic welding 

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