15khz Ultrasonic Sensor Transducer With Booster For Mask Welding Machine

A device that converts electrical energy, mechanical energy, or acoustic energy from one form of energy to another is called a transducer, or active sensor.

15khz ultrasonic Sensor Transducer With Booster For Mask Welding Machine



The transducer is an energy converter, which can converted the high frequency, high power current, output of power supply into reciprocating mechanical energy of the ultrasonic vibration, the vibration frequency output of drive power with the same frequency as the current. To further enlarge the amplitude of ultrasonic energy input to the place where we need.

These products are widely used in various fields ,such as plastic welding ,rubber cutting ,non-woven welding and so on. At present, it is mainly suitable for the production of mask machine.


Model: HS-6015-4Z

Frequency: 15khz Power: 2600w Dia of ceramic: 60mm Qty of ceramic: 4pcs


1. Small machinery loss.

2. High efficiency electricity.

3. Sound transfer.

4. The machine failure rate is low, consumables, durable.

5. Easy installation and debugging, maintenance is simple.

6. Good material and long lifetime.

7. High mechanical quality factor.







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