Third Generation Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine For Mask Ear Band Welding

Ultrasonic spot welder is suit for surgical mask ear loop welding.

Third Generation Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine for Mask Ear Band Welding

Descriptions :

It is special designed for export.

The original table size is too big and will take many shipment cost.

It's neat, compact and lightweight design offers easy storage and portability.

The spot welder is ideal for use with 3ply surgical mask , which can effectively weld the ear strap line to the mask piece.

Suitable for tack welding of chemical fiber or welding of miniature plastic material items.

Specifications :


Characteristics :

1. This machine is operated by a single person. This machine uses ultrasonic waves to dissolve the elastic band on both sides of the mask body to complete the elastic band mask.

2. The operator put the mask body and the elastic band at each point of the ultrasonic wave at the same time, and the foot switch can be finished.  Cylinder welding fastness, adjustable welding time, built-in time relay, adjustable air pressure, moderate current adjustment, no noise, and extremely easy operation.

3. Used in chemical fiber cloth, nylon cloth, knitted cloth, non-woven cloth, sprayed cotton, PE paper, PE + aluminum, PE + cloth composite materials.

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