New Type Ultrasonic Mask Ear Band Spot Welder With Carrier

Ultrasonic spot welding machine contains one piece of generator , one piece of transducer , one piece of round horn and one piece of carrier.

New Type Ultrasonic Mask Ear Band Spot Welding Machine with Carrier

Description :

Earband spot welding is an important step in the mask making process. Welding the earband wire on the mask piece, after completion, a piece of mask is basically formed.

The traditional artificial ear loop spot welding machine is equipped with a table, and is usually placed in a large factory building, which is not easy to move and takes up a lot of space. Altrasonic new spot welding machine is equipped with a small table board, which saves a lot of volume and is easy to carry and install.

This type is a manual device. Compared with the automatic equipment, the price is cheaper, and the output is also very good. therefore, it is a very novel, reliable and portable device.

Specification : 

Frequency : 35kHz 

Power : 300-800watt

Voltage : 110V / 220V

Generator : Analog

Diameter of horn : 5mm or 7mm

Material of horn : Titanium alloy

Advantages : 

1. Portable

2. Small size

3. Fast welding

4. Good effect

5. Novel appearance

6. Fast delivery

7. Warranty

8. Deliver with wooden box 

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