Mini 28kHz Earloop Spot Welder Machine For Earloop Welding

Ultrasonic earband spot welding machine, also known as ultrasonic spot welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine, mask earband welding machine, ultrasonic earband spot welding machine

Portable Manual 28kHz Spot Welder Machine For Welding Earloop


Pedal type is simple and convenient to operate, and the equipment does not heat up; it can work continuously for 24 hours, with 15-35 pieces of welding ear strap per minute (according to the speed of work), suitable for any shape of mouth. The equipment can work intermittently or without load, meeting different welding requirements.




1.Fast Welding Speed And High Welding Strength.

2.Can Replace The Traditional Welding Process, Low Cost, Clean And Pollution-free, And Will Not Damage The Object.

3.The Welding Process Is Stable, And The Welding Parameters Can Be Adjusted To Achieve The Welding Effect.

4.It Is Easy To Troubleshoot And Maintain When A Failure Occurs, Greatly Improving Production Efficiency.

Product Display


You can adjust the air pressure during welding by turning the button


You can adjust the welding time, the best welding time is 0.24s

Our Service

1. Freely sample welding test.

2. 24 hours after-sales service.

3. Provide on call service to help customer solve problems.

4. Help customer analyze product project and provide welding solution.

5. Provide shipping/delivery information checking service.

6. One year guarantee, all life maintain promise.

7. Provide on call service to help customer solve problems.







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