Manul Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine For Face Mask Ear Loop Welding

Ultrasonic spot welder is suit for surgical mask ear loop welding.

Manul Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine for Face Mask Ear Loop Welding

Descriptions :

Ultrasonic welding equipment has four main parts. A power supply converts low-frequency electricity (50-60 Hz) to high-frequency electricity (20 - 40 kHz; 1 kHz = 1000 Hz). Next, a transducer or converter changes the high-frequency electricity into high-frequency sound (ultrasound). A booster makes the ultrasound vibrations bigger. Finally, a horn or sonotrode focuses the ultrasound vibrations and delivers them to the materials to be welded. Besides these pieces, there is an anvil upon which the welded materials are stacked and held. There is also some method to apply force (usually air pressure supplied by a pneumatic piston) to hold the materials together during welding.

Specifications :


Features :

  1. Special designed structure

  2. Considerable yield

  3. Smooth workability

  4. Safety protection mechanism of automatic alarm

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