Manual 28 KHz Ultrasonic Spot Welder For Earloop Welding

Ultrasonic earband spot welding machine, also known as ultrasonic spot welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine, mask earband welding machine, ultrasonic earband spot welding machine

Manual 28 kHz Ultrasonic Spot Welder For Earloop Welding


The 28kHz ultrasonic earband spot welding machine is our newly launched product, which is used for welding the earbands of flat masks and n95 masks. The operation is very simple, even novices can operate it.


Frequency: 28kHz

Power: 500w

Weight: 9.3 kg

Size: 38*19*33cm

Voltage: 220V/110V

Horn size: 8mm


1. Fast Welding Speed And High Welding Strength.

2. Can Replace The Traditional Welding Process, Low Cost, Clean And Pollution-free, And Will Not Damage The Object.

3. Small size can be save costs.

4. Compact, beautiful and light design.

5. To be used in any existing  table.

6. Operation without preheating Continuous processing, fast, mass production, processing without smoke, sparks, do not harm the fabric edge.

7. The use of low-noise ultrasonic, anti-noise interference.

Sell by full sets including

1. Metal plate

2. Metal support

3. Ultrasonic Transducer

4. Welding head

5. Foot switch

6. Connecting cables







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