Handheld Ultrasonic Spot Welder Riveting Sealing Welder Machine

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine can perform plastic welding, embedding, forming, riveting, welding, cutting, stitching and other operations. It can be used for multiple applications on one machine only by replacing the welding head.

Handheld Ultrasonic Spot Welder Riveting Sealing Welder Machine




Voltage220/110V, 50/60Hz
Output Power500W
Welding Time0.01-9.99S
Horn MaterialTitanium Alloy
Welding Head Stroke5 mm
StyleHand held
Spot Welding SizeΦ1-8mm
Control Mode5 mm


The principle is the use of sound waves reached the peak position of the gap between the plastic, in the case of pressure, so that the two fusible elements which could be part of the plastic parts in contact with each other to produce the high-speed friction melts, the contact surface of the plastic fusion, achieve the purpose of processing.


1. Essential part was assembled by imported component.

2. Little noise, pro-environment.

3. Newly developed portable design, more convenient for operation and carrying.

4. Special design and price, complete plastic outer skin, complete aluminum inner core, membrane switch control panel.

5. We can design the hand horn according to customers' need.

6. The design of the entire machine is exquisite, and the volume does not take up space.







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