Easy Operation 28K Spot Welding Machine For Mask Ear Loop Welding

This ear loop welding machine is newly developed and is specially used for welding flat mask ear loop.

Easy operation 28K spot welding machine for mask ear loop welding


Due to the large acoustic resistance of the welding zone, that is, the interface between the two welds, local high temperature will be generated. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of plastic, nylon, chemical fiber, non-woven fabric, multi-layer cloth, gold cloth and other materials, the heat cannot be dissipated in a timely manner and gathers in the welding area, causing the two contact surfaces to melt quickly, and after a certain pressure is added, they are fused Into one.







Application:mask ear loop welding



1. Novel portable structure design, welding horn and power supply are integrated, operation is fast and convenient

2. Flexible and practical, simple operation, small size and no space consumption

3. Time setting, overload alarm, frequency deviation alarm, safety and environmental protection

4. Strong power and good stability

Transport and Packing:




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