Brand New Type Ultrasonic Spot Welder 28kHz 500Watt

This ultrasonic spot welder is brand new type. With less weight and demension , it's easy to operate and handcarry.

Brand New Type Ultrasonic Spot Welder 28kHz 500Watt


Description :

Ultrasonic welding is an industrial technique whereby high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are locally applied to workpieces being held together under pressure to creat a solid-state weld. It is commonly used for plastic and metals , and especially for joining dissimilar materials.

Altrasonic new style ultrasonic welder is produced for non-woven 3ply medical mask ear loop welding.

Specification : 


Principle :

Ultrasonic welding is a process used to join two plastic parts together to form a strong, finished assembly. The process relies on high-frequency (ultrasonic) vibrations being generated and applied to the parts through a welding horn. Welding occurs as the vibrations are absorbed in the interface between the two parts, generating friction and causing the plastic to melt. The ultrasonic vibrations are generated by a series of components, including the power supply, converter, booster and horn, which ultimately delivers the mechanical vibration to the parts.

The role of the power supply is to convert the incoming line voltage (at 50 or 60Hz) into a new frequency. This electrical energy then is sent to the converter, which as the name implies, converts the electrical energy into mechanical vibrations. The converter consists of piezoelectric ceramic discs, which expand and contract at the rate of the supplied electrical energy. The magnitude of the vibrations is referred to as amplitude, a term that becomes very important when specifying an ultrasonic system for a given application. The vibrations then are transmitted through the booster, which typically increases the amplitude by a predetermined multiple, also known as gain. Finally, the booster’s output amplitude is transmitted through the horn, where it then can be delivered to the plastic parts. The combination of converter, booster and horn is commonly referred to as the ultrasonic stack.

Advantages :

1. Brand new look

2. Capacity 30-40pcs/min

3. Without noise

4. Very small demension

5. Portable for anywhere

6. Stop automaticlly while running wrong

7. Online technical support

8. Suit for N95 and 3ply surgical mask

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