35Khz Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine For Auto Parts

Ultrasonic spot welding machine can be used for butt welding of thermoplastics. It can also be replaced according to customers' requirements. It can be used for welding processes such as welding, spot welding, embedding and cutting. Compared with other traditional processes (such as adhesive, electric ironing or screw) Fastening, etc., has significant advantages such as high production efficiency, good welding quality, environmental protection and energy saving.

35Khz Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine For Auto Parts

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Hand-held ultrasonic welding machine, also known as ultrasonic spot welding machine. 

Mechanical energy by using vibrator.Such mechanical vibration, through the transmission, welding head to the processed materials, using the generated heat energy to break its molecular structure, so that the workpiece surface melting and fusion joints, its solid strength can be compared with the body plastic.


Model: HS-GT35 

Frequency: 35K 

Power: 1200W 

Horn diameter: 15-20mm 

Material of blade: Titanium 

Voltage: 220V 


Machine Weight: 13 KG 

Cable lenth: 3M

Welding horn can be customized per your request


Small area heating and small work table design, airframe lightweight, extended linear bearing to make the machine table action stability high, suitable for welding precision workpieces.

Application industry:

Hand-held ultrasonic spot welder is widely used in plastics, stationery, daily necessities, automobile, packaging, electrical industry, etc.


One year for whole equipment warranty. Equipment for the warranty, please contact us first. We will immediately feedback how to return repair.




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