35kHz Lightweight Convenient Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine can perform plastic welding, embedding, forming, riveting, welding, cutting, stitching and other operations. It can be used for multiple applications on one machine only by replacing the welding head.

35kHz Lightweight Convenient Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine




Output Power500W
Welding Time0.01-9.99S
Horn MaterialTitanium Alloy
Welding Head Stroke5 mm
Spot Welding SizeΦ1-8mm
Control Mode5 mm


Due to the poor thermal conductivity of the plastic part, the contact surface of the plastic part cannot be dissipated in time, which causes the contact surface of the plastic part to melt rapidly. After adding a certain amount of manual pressure, it will merge into one.


1. Imported piezoelectric ceramic transducer, stable output

2. Use hand-held transducer, flexible operation

3. Welding processes such as riveting, spot welding, circle flowers, dots, etc.

4. A full set of high-quality components assembly


1. Plastic products

2. Plastic electronics

3. Plastic toys

4. Stationery

5. Communication products

6. Auto parts

7. Non-woven fabrics

8. Handbags

What we can provide

1. Test all hardware and software.

2. On-site installation and commissioning and on-site acceptance testing of all products.

3. After all products have been installed and debugged, both parties can carry out acceptance testing.

4. The customer's questions about the product will be answered by the service staff one by one.







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