35kHz Handheld Ultrasonic Riveting Welding In Auto Parts

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35kHz Handheld Ultrasonic Riveting Welding in Auto Parts


Used to connect the different materials manufacturing product, make the thermosetting plastic and hot melt plastics between parts to realize mutual connection, or make plastic parts and metal connection; Is the use of molding pieces of the natural reserve of plastic riveting column, rib wing, stud, corresponding through the stamping forming sheet metal structure precast hole pressure, metal surface bulge riveting column (hot pile) in controlled the hot melt softening of the reoccupy after special metal forming riveting head pressure cooling to forming and clamping, the use of specific shape of the rivet head can realize plastic riveting column countersunk riveting (flush riveting), hemisphere riveting, arc flanging riveting, stud rib shape riveting, machinery forging press, ruffled Mosaic cladding, etc, it can achieve different material material mechanical riveting assembly together of the connection mode, joint embrittlement, not beautiful, strong, good sealing, so as to realize the structure optimization design, make full use of all kinds of material mechanical properties best combination, greatly enhance the overall performance of the component, the whole structure impact resistance, so as to achieve the perfect fit.




Using this principle are: automobile welding machine, trunk interior plate welding machine, auto interior plate welding machine, car door plank hot melt riveting machine, car bumper welding machine.

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