35Khz Hand Held Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine For Mask

It can be used for welding flat and inner ear straps / outer ear straps.After the mask body is completed, the ear straps are welded manually, the operation is simple, and the contacts are firm and beautiful. Skilled workers complete welding of mask ear straps into 30-40 pieces per minute.

35Khz Hand Held Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine For Mask



Frequency: 35Khz

Name: mask earloop welding machine

Working speed: 2-3seconds/time

Mask size: 175*95mm

Matched transducer: HS30-H30-Z4

Frequency tracking range: resonance frequency 30KHz ± 200Hz

Weight: 31.8KG

Power: 800Watt / 1000Watt

Usage: face mask


Non-woven Face Mask Inner and outer Earloop Spot Welding Machine. The design of the machine is small and flexible, and the operation is simple and convenient.Ultrasonic welding is an advanced technology that realizes the joining of plastic parts with its advantages of fast, clean, and safe. It has a strong performance and reliable performance; multiple protection circuits provide enterprises with efficient welding methods and reduce production costs.




1. Aluminum alloy rack , more light and solider

2. Touch screen operated and ultrasonic welding

3. Good performance

4. High output

5. Easy to operate










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