35K Semi Automatic Manual Spot Welding Machine For Nonwoven Flat Mask

This is a semi-automatic flat mask ear loop welding machine, powerful and stable, can adapt to continuous wave work at constant time, suitable for spot welding welding of non woven mask ear loop, simple operation.The drive power supply adopts solid-state full-crystal type, with automatic frequency tracking function, high reliability, with over-current, over-heat, detuning alarm, digital frequency display.

35K Semi Automatic Manual Spot Welding Machine For Nonwoven Flat Mask 



Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Horn's material: Titanium or aluminum

Max. Welding Thickness: below 12mm

Frequency: 35Khz

Name: mask earloop welding machine

Working speed: 2-3seconds/time

Mask size: 175*95mm

Matched transducer: HS30-H30-Z4

Frequency tracking range: resonance frequency 30KHz ± 200Hz

Weight: 31.8KG

Power: 800Watt / 1000Watt

Usage: face mask


The machine is small in size, simple in operation and fast in cleaning, with 800W power to deliver stronger output than other general products lower in power.The built-in automatic protection circuit ensures safety and stable wave delivery and provides robust and high-strength weld face, delivering beautiful appearance and environmental protection.Ultrasonic welding heads are replaceable according to the riveting point size and welding requirement of products to be welded, which is fast and convenient.Main components are assembled with quality imported parts.



1. Using self-excited circuit, at work, to track the changes in the parameters of the transducer, the maximum performance of the transducer and tool head;

2. Imported high-power tube, high-current-resistant shock, an increase of the stability of the work of the ultrasonic generator.

3. Using digital frequency display, frequency can be fine-tuned, you can accurately observe the operating frequency of the generator.

4. Easy to operate, can be applied to different specifications of the transducer and die.

5. Welding a wide range of materials










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