28kHz Popular Manual Mask Ear Strap Machine For Sale

28kHz Popular Manual Mask Ear Strap Machine For Sale

Ultrasonic earband spot welding machine, also known as ultrasonic spot welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine, mask earband welding machine, ultrasonic earband spot welding machine

28kHz Popular Manual Mask Ear Strap Machine For Sale


Mask ear loop welding machine (spot welding machine) is designed for various non-woven masks. This is an machine to cooperate with other mask blank machines to meet. This spot welding machine can be operated by anyone  The welding time is adjustable according to different masks (thickness). Low energy consumption is also its benefit. At the same time, no warm-up or head surgery is required.


Voltage: AC220V

Power: 500W

Productivity: 15-20pcs/Min

Operation Way: Pedal

Frequency: 28kHz

Weight: 11.5kg

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Working features

1.Capacity: welding time is adjustable from 0 to 99 seconds.

2.Strength: can bear enough pressure and tension.

3.Quality: finished product is hermetic sealing.the welding effect is exquisite,not burnt,not blackened.

4.Economy: non bolt or glue,fast speed, reduce labor and costs.


1. Good welding effect

2. Small size and light weight, not only can save transportation costs, but also can be operated on any desktop.

3. Simple operation, anyone can operate

4. The structure is simple and easy to understand, easy maintenance.

5. No welding sparks, environmental protection

6. Can be used 24 hours

7. Long service life









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