28kHz 800Watt Ultrasonic Spot Welder For Mask Ear Loop Welding

This ultrasonic spot welder is brand new type. With less weight and demension , it's easy to operate and handcarry.

28kHz 800Watt Ultrasonic Spot Welder for Mask Ear Loop Welding


Description :

28kHz ultrasonic spot welding machine is suit for 3ply mask ear loop welding. The machine is the newest type in the market , which is without table and generator integration. The capacity can reach 15-35pcs/min , and shows good strength after welding. We are mainly recommending this new product for mask ear band welding , regarding its portability , efficiency and novel technology , it will be the best choice in the recent market.

Specification : 

Item No.: HS-W28

Frequency : 28kHz

Power : 800Watt

Size : 50*29*44cm

Net weight : 9.5 kgs

Welding speed : 15-35 pcs/min

Welding horn diameter : 8mm

Welding horn material : Titanium Alloy

Advantages :

1. Brand new look

2. Capacity 15-35pcs/min

3. With low noise

4. Without table , save freight cost

5. warranty 1 year

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