Ultrasonic Sonochemistry With 20khz 2000w Generator Industrial Grade

Ultrasonic chemistry has been widely used in every field of chemistry, such as: organic synthetic chemistry, nanomaterial preparation, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry, polymer materials, surface processing, biotechnology and environmental protection.

 Ultrasonic Sonochemistry With 20khz 2000w Generator Industrial Grade




Usage:ultrasonic sonochemistry

Warranty:1 YEAR

After-sales Service Provided:Online support, Video technical support

Key Selling Points:Long Service Life

After Warranty Service:Video technical support, Online support

Local Service Location:None

Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant

Showroom Location:None

Weight (KG):12 KG

Power (kW):1000-3000Watt

Marketing Type:New Product 2020

Machinery Test Report:Provided


The ultrasonic wave propagating in the liquid can clean the dirt on the surface of the object. The principle can be explained by the phenomenon of "cavitation": when the pressure of the ultrasonic wave propagating in the liquid reaches one atmospheric pressure, the power density is 0.35w/cm². At this time, the ultrasonic pressure tip of the ultrasonic wave can reach vacuum or negative pressure, but in fact there is no negative pressure, so a large force is generated in the liquid, which pulls the liquid molecules into holes. This cavity is very close to a vacuum. It ruptures when the ultrasonic pressure reaches its maximum in the reverse direction. The strong impact caused by the rupture impacts the dirt on the surface of the object. This shock wave phenomenon caused by the collapse of countless small cavitation bubbles is called "cavitation" phenomenon











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