Sonochemical Pilot Machine 20kHz 3000watt Power Ultrasonic Cavitation Equipment

Ultrasonic homogenizer can make molecules from micron to nanoscale. It's used for oil-water emulsification, solid-liquid dispersion, cell diffusion.

Sonochemical Pilot Machine 20kHz 3000watt Power Ultrasonic Cavitation Equipment

Description :

Ultrasonic homogenization is the use of ultrasonic cavitation in liquids and other physical effects to achieve homogenization. Physical action refers to the formation of an effective agitation and flow disrupting medium in the liquid, the pulverizing of the particles in the liquid, mainly the collision between the liquid, the micro phase flow and the shock wave leading to changes in the surface morphology of the particles.

Cavitation refers to the generation of holes (small bubbles) in the weaker part of the liquid under the action of ultrasonic waves. The small bubbles pulsate with the ultrasonic waves, and the holes collapse in one sound cycle.

Specification :


Model : HS-S20-3000

Frequency : 20kHz

Power : 3000watt

Voltage : 220V

Temperature : 300℃

Pressure : 35Mpa

Intensity of sound : >60w/cm²

Max Capacity : >30L/min

Material of tip head : Titanium Alloy

Principle :

Sonochemistry is the use of ultrasound to enhance or alter chemical reactions. Sonochemistry in the true sense of the term occurs when ultrasound induces “true” chemical effects on the reaction system, such as forming free radicals which accelerate the reaction. However, ultrasound may have other mechanical effects on the reaction, such as increasing the surface area between the reactants, accelerating dissolution, and/or renewing the surface of a solid reactant or catalyst. This comprehensive review summarizes several topics of study in the sonochemical literature, including bubble dynamics, factors affecting cavitation, the effects of ultrasound on a variety of chemical systems, modeling of kinetic and mass-transfer effects, the methods used to produce ultrasound, proposed cavitation reactors, and the problems of scaleup.

Applications :

The phenomenon of cavitation using power ultrasound to accelerate and control chemical reactions, increase the reaction rate and initiate new chemical reactions is called ultrasonic chemistry. Sonochemistry can be applied to almost all chemical reactions, such as extraction (extraction) and separation, synthesis and degradation, biodiesel production, sewage treatment, cell crushing, dispersion and coagulation, extraction of bio-nano and so on.



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