Industrial Level Ultrasonic Sonochemical Equipment Dealing With Graphene Decomposition

The development of graphene industry demand high quality graphene urgently , before using Graphene , it's better to disperse by ultrasonic.

Industrial Level Ultrasonic Sonochemical Equipment Dealing with Graphene Decomposition

Descriptions :

The principle of ultrasonic dispersion is make the ultrasound radiate in graphite oxide suspension, the liquid promptly flow produce a large number of tiny air bubbles, these tiny bubbles formed in the negative pressure zone along the longitudinal ultrasonic radiation and grow continuously, and quickly closed in the positive pressure area, this effect is known as "cavitation" phenomenon, in this process, closed bubbles can form thousands of instantaneous high pressure. And the instantaneous high pressure will constantly and continuously shock the graphene oxide, make graphene oxide peeling off quickly.

Specifications :

Frequency : 20kHz

Power : 500-3000watt

Input power : 110V/220V

Main advantages : High output intensity , high cavitation effect 

Warranty : 1 Year

Delivery time : within 30 workdays

Application :

300 Tons Ultrasonic Graphene processing system



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