20 Khz 1000watt Ultrasonic Sonochemistry System For Pigment Dispersing And Homogenizing , Big Capacity

20 Khz 1000watt Ultrasonic Sonochemistry System For Pigment dispersing and homogenizing , big capacity

20 Khz 1000watt Ultrasonic Sonochemistry System For Pigment dispersing and homogenizing , big capacity


Ultrasound is a well-established method for particle size reduction in dispersions and emulsions. Ultrasonic processors are used in the generation of nano-size material slurries, dispersions and emulsions because of the potential in the deagglomeration and the reduction of primaries. These are the mechanical effects of ultrsonic cavitation. Ultrasonic can also be used to influence chemical reactions by the cavitation energy.

As the market for nano-size materials grows, the demand for ultrasonic processes at production level increases.




Lab level 

Output power1000watt
Main advantagesHigh output power and cavitation effect
Power supplyDigital Generator
Power rangePower can be adjusted from 1% to 99%
Material of probeSpecial Titanium material
ApplicationDispersing, Mixing, Homogenizing, reduce the size of particles.




We offer the same warranty as the OEM, namely, one years, free replacement.

Simply ship the broken unit back to arrive within three years of original shipment, and it will be replaced (one time).

Competitive Advantage: 

1. Core parts withTitanium materials.

2. Ultrasonic horn with different size and type for selection

3. Matching with digital generator, auto-tuning, auto search frequency

4. Power adjustable from 1% to 99%

5. Frequency range from 19khz to 21khz

6. Lab and bench-up scale for testing

 20K ultrasonic lab level system (19)








Payment allowance:


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