Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer For Measuring Transducer 1kHz~500kHz Frequency Range Easy To Operate

The transducer impedance tester can measure and evaluate the parameters and performance of various devices and equipment such as piezoelectric ceramic sheets, piezoelectric transducers, ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic welding machines, ultrasonic crushers, and ultrasonic processing equipment.

Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer For Measuring Transducer 1kHz~500kHz Frequency Range Easy To Operate


In the process of R&D and production of ultrasonic equipment, how to know whether the ultrasonic component products involved by the engineer meet the requirements, its quality, performance, and parameters, need to be tested by an ultrasonic impedance measuring instrument. Transducer: No parasitic circle should appear in the admittance circle, the resonance impedance should be as close as possible to the design impedance, the dynamic impedance should be low, the quality factor Qm should be close to the design requirements, and the capacitance should match the circuit. Piezoelectric ceramic sheet: You can judge the quality of the device directly from the admittance circle diagram and logarithmic coordinates. If there is delamination or cracks inside the ceramic sheet, the logarithmic curve will have multiple peaks, and multiple parasitics will appear on the admittance circle. Madoka. Whether the design, processing and assembly of the horn is reasonable or defective can be directly seen on the guide circle diagram. In the production and processing of ultrasonic welding machines, the results of the admittance circle are used to analyze the state of the welding machine, and the problems of the welding machine can be found through the analysis of parameters and graphics.





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