Ultrasonic Analyzer For Horn And Transducer

Ultrasonic Analyzer For Horn And Transducer

Easy Operation portable Ultrasonic Components Measuring For TRZ Horn and Ceramic Analysis Introduction: The Measuring instrument which can easily replace much more complex and more complicated, also many times more expensive instruments from Agilent/HP, as for instance: HP Impedance Gain-Phase...
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Ultrasonic Analyzer For Horn And Transducer




The impedance analyzer can measure and evaluate the parameters and performance of various devices, such as piezoelectric ceramic, piezoelectric transducer and buzzer.Judging by impedance - phase - frequency curve and admittance circle.The impedance phase-frequency curve and admittance circle of normal products are shown in the following figure


Performance features: 


 Equipped with impedance analysis computer software will be more powerful:


1. Judging product defects by admittance circle and logarithmic curve

2. Test data can be stored, printed and traceable on a computer

3. Printable impedance scan curve for sample sending analysis and archiving

4. One key to start test function, simple operation, high production efficiency