Touch Screen Ultrasonic Frequency Tester Easy To Operate

Ultrasonic frequency tester accurate measurement on impedance scale and wide frequency scale. It uses objects with different conductive effects. When a fixed low-level current is added to the surface of the object, the various equipment, equipment parameters and functions of the object are calculated through the impedance.

Impedance Analyzer With Large Frequency Range Simple operation


Impedance Analyzer HS520A Newest
Frequency Range1KHz~500KHz
Basic Accuracy< 0.5%
Scan Speed5 sec/one pass (equivalent to 600 scan dots)
Frequency Accuracy±10 ppm
Phase Accuracy0.15 degree
Temperature Range10~40 degree Celsius
Impedance Range0.1Ω~1MΩ
Frequency Step0.1Hz to Any


The ultrasonic frequency tester uses the object to have different conductive effects.When a fixed low-level current is added to the surface of the object, the various devices, equipment parameters and performance of the object are calculated by the impedance

For piezoelectric ceramics, you can directly judge the quality of the device from the admittance circle diagram and logarithmic coordinates. Parasitic Madoka.

For the design, processing and assembly of the horn, whether it is reasonable or defective can be clearly seen directly on the guide circle diagram.

For the production and processing of ultrasonic welding machines, the results of admittance circles are used to analyze the state of the welding machine, and the problems of the welding machine are found through the analysis of parameters and graphics.


  1. It is small and portable easily.

  2. It can be quality controlled, thereby reducing technical assistance.

  3. Large touch screen, without physical buttons, all parameters and graphics are displayed at once, which is more intuitive.

  4. It is also very easy to use HS520A  by engineers or ordinary production workers.

  5. Easy to judge defects by admittance circle and logarithmic curve.

  6. Test data computer can be unlimited storage and printing and traceable data source.

  7. Widest impedance measurement range.

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