Sonotrode Tuning Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer

Sonotrode Tuning Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer

The proper frequency and impedance adjust is indispensable for all ultrasonic devices. The frequency depends mainly on dimensions (e.g.: length of the sonotrode) and the impedance of the quality of material used, assembly, and coupling of the acoustic sets’ parts. Deviations indicate the need for fine tuning, cleaning, re-gripping or re-assembly.

Sonotrode Tuning Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer 

Product Decription:

* Test of transducers

* Test of acoustic sets

* Test of piezo ceramics

* Predictive maintenance


Impedance Analyzer

HS520A Newest

Frequency Range


Basic Accuracy

< 0.5%

Scan Speed

5 sec/one pass (equivalent to 600 scan dots)(adjustable)

Frequency Accuracy

±10 ppm

Phase Accuracy

0.15 degree

Temperature Range

1040 degree Celsius

Impedance Range


Frequency Step

0.1Hz to Any

Performance features: 


Rich data preservation and image preservation functions


1.New parameter results are used to create a new EXCEL file to save the test parameters such as resonant frequency, antiresonant frequency, and resonance impedance.

The result of the open parameter is used to open and view the saved EXCEL document.

3. Save sweep frequency data is used to save the r-x values measured during scanning

4. Save the scan graph used to save the scan graph

5. Save setting condition is used to save the scanning measurement condition set this time, which can be called directly next time.

6.Load setting conditions are used to invoke previously used measurement files based on file names.



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