Precise Ultrasonic Amplitude Measuring Instrument

Precise Ultrasonic Amplitude Measuring Instrument

Advantages of ultrasonic amplitude measuring instrument: Any position can be metric and imperial conversion, Can change the direction of the count, Automatic and manual shutdown

Precise Ultrasonic Amplitude Measuring Instrument


It is well known that the amplitude (displacement) of ultrasonic vibration is one of the key indicators of ultrasonic equipment. The amplitude of the ultrasonic vibration directly represents the energy of the ultrasonic output, and also relates to the strength of the relevant material and the service life of the whole machine.

The installation of amplitude measuring instruments:



Product ModeHS09018
1 μm
Measuring Range
3 μm - 100 μm
Frequency Range
10 KHz – 200 KHz
Test direction
Up or down 


1.Digital and analog display

2.Absolute and relative measurement

3. Numerical preset actual position

4.Large display with all round

5.High-capacity volt lithium battery3V


1.Any position can be reset

2.Any position can be metric and imperial conversion

3.Can change the direction of the count

4.Automatic and manual shutdown

5.Relative and absolute surveying users can design any position as the starting position

6.Data output wires by selecting the directly transmitted to computer for data processing

7.Analog pointer can show trends


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