Low Price Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer For Checking

It uses the object to have different conductive effects. When a fixed low-level current is added to the surface of the object, the various devices, equipment parameters and Good performance.The impedance analyzer can accurately measure in the impedance range and wide frequency range.

low price ultrasonic impedance analyzer for checking


The measurement personnel collect the partial discharge information by using theHS520A, and the cloud computing can be used to  state of detection equipment in real time.The protable impedance analyzer uses advanced cloud computing and automatic modeling technology to achieve the partial discharge signal measurement, recording, transmission, storage, analysis and exchange, providing powerful technical support for on-site measurement of partial discharge.

Detailed Product Description:

Part Name:Impedance Analyzer

Frequency Range:1KHz500KHz

Basic Accuracy<0.5%

Scan Speed:5 sec/one pass (equivalent to 600 scan dots)

Impedance  Range:0.1Ω1MΩ

Frequency Step:0.1Hz to Any


You can judge the quality of the device directly from the admittance circular chart and logarithmic coordinates. If there are delaminations or cracks in the ceramic plate, the logarithmic curve will have multiple peaks and multiple parasitic small circles on the admittance circle.

Competitive advantges:

1. Simple and easy to operate

2. inexpensive and have preferential price







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