HS520A Impedance Measuring Instrument For Ultrasonic Horn And Transducer

The impedance analyzer can accurately measure in the impedance range and wide frequency range. It uses different conductive effects of objects. When a fixed low-level current is applied to the surface of the object, the various components of the object, device parameters and Performance is good and bad.

HS520A Impedance Measuring Instrument 

For Ultrasonic Horn And Transducer



Impedance analyzer use the object which has different conductive effects, and add a fixed low level current to the surface of the object, then through impedance to calculate the parameter and performance of various device and equipment. 

Technial parameter:

Impedance Analyzer

HS520A Newest

Frequency Range


Basic Accuracy

< 0.5%

Scan Speed

5 sec/one pass (equivalent to 600 scan dots)(adjustable)

Frequency Accuracy

±10 ppm

Phase Accuracy

0.15 degree

Temperature Range

1040 degree Celsius

Impedance Range


Frequency Step

0.1Hz to Any

Competitive advantges:

1.Makes fast and accurate manufacturing of sonotrodes possible.

2.Affordable cost.

3.Reduces ultrasonic equipment maintenance costs because it allows preventive maintenance.


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