Ultrasonic Converter Impedance Analyzer

Ultrasonic Converter Impedance Analyzer

The proper frequency and impedance adjust is indispensable for all ultrasonic devices. The frequency depends mainly on dimensions (e.g.: length of the sonotrode) and the impedance of the quality of material used, assembly, and coupling of the acoustic sets’ parts. Deviations indicate the need for fine tuning, cleaning, re-gripping or re-assembly.
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Ultrasonic Converter Impedance Analyzer

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ultrasonic impedance analyzer11.jpg

Description :

The TRZ Horn Analyzer determines the operation frequency of the item to be tested and its impedance and current with the touch of a button. It’s quick and easy. With this quick and easily retrieved information, the user can perform the quality control of transducers, tuning of sonotrodes and ultrasonic horns, preventive and corrective maintenance of acoustic sets and much more 



Parameters and Graph:

ultrasonic horn analyzer.png

Application :

* Operation

* Sonotrode tuning

* Test of transducers

* Test of acoustic sets

* Test of piezo ceramics

* Predictive maintenance



1. Large screen, full-screen touching,

2. Relies on the new powerful ARM processor data processing capacity

3. Full-screen touch operation is more user-friendly

4.Connecting the computer to operate

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Q: Can this analyzer connect to PC ?

A: Our ultrasonic impedance analyzer can connect to PC operation for storage, you can also check the operation video on our YTB:https://youtu.be/AY16fSjw8ZM

Q:What the features of your ultrasonic impedance analyzers?

A:The characteristics of the impedance analyzer are: ease to use, combination of indicators and graphics, accurate parameters, low price, very guidable for production, etc.

Q:What is the results of the different scan switch?

A:If choosing the lower scan switch, the scan point will be less and the scan time will be shorter.

If choosing the higher scan switch, the scan point will be more and the scan time will be longer.