Ultrasonic Liquid Processor Ultrasonic Emulsify Machine Homogenizer

Ultrasound homogenizer for chemical extraction, biodiesel production, organic synthesis, treatment of microorganisms, degradation of toxic organic pollutants, chemical reaction rate and yield, catalytic efficiency of catalysts, biodegradation treatment, ultrasonic anti-scaling and descaling, biological cell crushing, dispersion and coagulation , Resulting in a local mini-environment that is very conducive to the reaction process, can greatly improve the reaction speed and reduce the reaction conditions.

Ultrasonic Liquid Processor Ultrasonic Emulsify Machine Homogenizer



High-power ultrasonic focusing probe chemical processing system can have two kinds of working.

One is insert the probe into the reaction tank directly. Ultrasonic launch head inserted into the liquid, the ultrasound. By processing flow of liquid in the container, at the same time were the strong ultrasonic role. Reaction container size or temperature.

Another one is with our company special ultrasonic reaction kettle, constitute a complete chemical reactor. Treated liquid flow from one end of the reaction kettle, after the effect of ultrasonic, again from the other end. This way the minimal changes to the original chemical system, immediate effect.


Frequency: 20kHz

Power:500W- 3000W

Voltage: 220V/110V

Temperature: 300 ℃

Horn material: titanium alloy

Products Include

1. Transducer: 1pc

2. Generator: 1pc

3. Power Cable: 1pc

4. Transducer Cable: 1pc

5. External Control Cable: 1pc

6. Ultrasonic Probe:1pc


1. Ultrasonic sonochemical equipment has two major categories of laboratory grade and industrial grade products, various models (power 50W-3000W), to meet the needs of different customers.

2. High energy conversion efficiency

3. Ultrasonic equipment has stable amplitude and long working time

4. Using ultrasonic numerical control power supply, full digital circuit control, strong anti-interference ability

5. Frequency and power can be monitored in real time

6. With automatic alarm protection function







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