Ultrasonic Homogenizer For Graphene Dispersing

Ultrasound creates acoustic cavitation, which produces violently imploding vacuum bubbles, causing shock waves, microjets and strong shear forces as well as extreme local temperatures (~5,000 K)and pressures (~1,000 atm). These extreme conditions result in exceptionally efficient mixing, yielding nanoemulsions with very small droplet sizes and enormous contact areas between all components.

Ultrasonic System For Graphene Dispersing


ultrasonic geaphene dispersing system (5)



ultrasonic homogenizer system,It is suitable for batch production of factories and research enterprises.

Nanoparticle materials are made up of compounds with relatively high molecular weight, including rubber, plastics, fibers, coatings, adhesives and polymer based composites. Polymer is the form of life. Thus widely used in all aspects of modern social life indispensable materials. In order to meet the requirements of customers, the system further refines molecules in the process of polymer processing.


Ultrasonic Probe / Ultrasonic digital generator / Control system assembly / Reactor assembly / Rack and

pipe fittings


Item No.HS-GS10HS-GS25HS-GS50HS-GS100HS-GS200HS-GS300
Annual output10tons25tons30tons100tons200tons300tons
Output Power2000w2000w2000w2000w2000w3000w
Total Power













Input Voltage110v or 220v110v or 220v110v or 220v110v or 220v110v or 220v110v or 220v
Total Volume5㎡10㎡20㎡40㎡60㎡80㎡



Graphene With Ultrasonic


Currently we use two step exfoliation can obtain high concentration graphene dispersion, second ultrasound in 30 hours

reached the max concentration ---- 20 mg/ml, the instantaneous concentration as high as 63 mg/ml.
After using various methods, the graphite expansion and the space between graphene sheets increases, the vader Waals

between interlayers reduce, at the same time use the liquid phase exfoliation can make graphene production rate greatly

increased, and also can use water as solvent to obtain graphene, has a broad industrial prospect.Up to now, several

companies use this way to achieve large production of graphene.

Through ultrasonic equipment, the surface of graphene reach 500 ~ 1000 m2 / g, thickness in 0.55 ~ 3.74 nm,

the purity is more than 95 wt %, straight in: 0.5 3 microns, layer number less than 10.



Main Features

1) Intelligent control technology, stable ultrasonic energy output
2) Automatic frequency tracking mode, ultrasonic transducer working frequency real-time tracking
3) Multiple protection mechanisms to extend service life 
4) Energy focus design, high output density, improve efficiency
5) Support static or cyclic working mode 





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