Ultrasonic Homogenizer 20khz 3000W High Frequency Ultrasonic Probe Sonicator

Ultrasonic Homogenizer 20khz 3000W High Frequency Ultrasonic Probe Sonicator

Ultrasound homogenizer for chemical extraction, biodiesel production, organic synthesis, treatment of microorganisms, degradation of toxic organic pollutants, chemical reaction rate and yield, catalytic efficiency of catalysts, biodegradation treatment, ultrasonic anti-scaling and descaling, biological cell crushing, dispersion and coagulation , Resulting in a local mini-environment that is very conducive to the reaction process, can greatly improve the reaction speed and reduce the reaction conditions.

Ultrasonic Homogenizer 20khz 3000W High Frequency Ultrasonic Probe Sonicator



As a physical means and tool, ultrasonic sonochemical technology can produce a series of conditions close to extremes in the medium of chemical reaction. This energy can not only stimulate or promote many chemical reactions, accelerate the speed of chemical reaction, and even change a certain The direction of these chemical reactions produces some unexpected effects and miracles. We not only provide industrial-grade sonochemical equipment, but also experimental-grade sonochemical equipment.


Frequency: 20kHz

Power: 3000W

Voltage: 220V/110V

Temperature: 300 ℃

Pressure: 35MPa

Sound intensity:>40W/cm²

Maximum capacity: >100L/Min

Horn material: titanium alloy

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Main configuration:

1*pcs oscillator(transducer,booster,  probe head),

1*pcs Aluminum alloy out shell,

1*pcs digital generator


1. Dispersion

2. Cell disruption

3. Homogenization

4. Emulsification

5. Nanoparticle dispersion

6. Graphene dispersion

7. Biodiesel making

8. Accelerated reaction







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