Titanium Alloy Ultrasonic Homogenizer With High Power

Power ultrasonics will be more and more widely used in strengthening metallurgical processes, composite materials preparation, separation and purification of metallurgical products, such as in leaching, electrowinning, extraction, crystallization, coagulation, filtration, dehydration, adsorption and desorption.

Titanium Alloy Ultrasonic Homogenizer with High Power

Description :

Ultrasonic homogenizer is a powerful tool for mixing and homogenizing solid-liquid and liquid-liquid suspensions. Ultrasonic homogenization is a mechanical process that reduces the particles in the liquid, making them uniform and small and evenly distributed. Altrasonic provides a powerful ultrasonic homogenizer, which can be used in laboratory and production scale.

When ultrasonic homogenizers are used in applications such as mixing, dispersion and emulsification, the purpose is to reduce small particles or droplets in liquids or slurries to improve the homogeneity and stability of the mixture. These particles (dispersed phase) can be solid or liquid. The decrease in the average diameter of the particles increases the number of individual particles. This results in a decrease in the average particle distance and increases the particle surface area. The graph (click to view larger image) shows the correlation between individual particle size and total surface area. Surface area and average particle distance affect the rheology of the liquid. If the specific gravity between the particles and the liquid is different, the homogeneity of the mixture will affect the stability of the dispersion. If most particles are similar in size, the tendency of agglomeration during settling or ascent will decrease because similar particles have similar rates of ascent or settling.

Specification : 

Frequency : 20kHz 

Power : 500watt-3000watt

Amplitude adjust range : 20%-100%

Generator : Digital

Diameter of horn : 50mm or 70mm

Advantages : 

1. Ultrasonic homogenizer produces small particles/droplets and narrow distribution curves.

2. Ultrasonic homogenizer can handle high concentration solids. 

3. Ultrasonic homogenizer can prepare stable suspension, dispersion and emulsion.

4. Since important process parameters (for example, amplitude, power, time, temperature and pressure) can be influenced and adjusted, the ultrasonic homogenizer can be precisely controlled.

5. Ultrasonic homogenizer is very effective, energy saving, user friendly and safe to operate.

Structure of Ultrasonic Treatment System :

Ultrasonic power supply : transfer 20kHz frequency to the ultrasonic transducer. 

Transducer : converts acoustic energy into mechanical vibrational energy.

The booster : connects transducer with the working horn, adjust the amplitude output

Working horn : main component for complete working, output the final effect to the liquid and make it working. 

Connecting bolt : connect the above components together.

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