High Power Ultrasonic Metal Melt Treatment System 20Khz 1000Watt

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High Power Ultrasonic Metal Melt Treatment System 

20Khz 1000Watt


Ultrasonic metal melt treatment system is mainly used in the metallurgical industry. Under ultrasonic vibration conditions, it is beneficial to degas the metal solution, remove impurities, refine grains, and strengthen the leaching process. The ultrasonic metal melt equipment is applied to the molten metal, and the composite of fiber and metal can be realized in a very short time, and a high-performance composite material is prepared. Under the action of ultrasonic, the liquid metal can penetrate into the particle preform or evenly mix with the particles, and the ultrasonic immersion plating can realize the steel wire galvanizing and aluminum plating.


Frequency: 20Khz

Power: 1000Watt

Generator Digital Generator 

Main Function:

1.Remove impurities

It is very difficult to float tiny inclusions in molten steel, and it is only easier to float when they are gathered. Ultrasonic metal melt equipment is used to add ultrasonic waves to the solution, and the ultrasonic standing wave can successfully separate and accumulate the inclusion powder in the solution.

2.Ultrasonic degassing

Ultrasonic waves have a great effect on the removal of gases from molten metal, and ultrasonic elastic vibration can completely degas the alloy within a few minutes. When ultrasonic vibration is introduced into the molten metal, it is found that cavitation occurs because the continuity of the liquid phase is broken and voids are generated, so that the gas dissolved in the liquid metal is concentrated therein. The elastic vibration of the ultrasonic waves causes the generation of the bubble core and continues to grow until it grows to a size that can be smoothly discharged from the molten metal.

3.Improve the quality of slab

The ultrasonic metal solution device can act on the crystallizer to improve the surface quality of the slab. Ultrasonic vibration of the crystallizer can be used for billets, blooms, and slabs, and no negative sliding is required when vibrating with ultrasonic waves. When casting the billet and the bloom, the surface of the slab can be obtained by applying ultrasonic vibration to the crystallizer.



1.High temperature resistance

2.Corrosion resistant: Use high strength titanium tool heads.

3.The effect is remarkable: the effect between micromolecules is direct and obvious.

4.Easy installation: docking with standard flanges eliminates the need to change the customer's existing production equipment and processes.




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