500W Ultrasonic Homogenizer Laboratory Dispersing Homogenizing

500W Ultrasonic Homogenizer Laboratory Dispersing Homogenizing

As a physical means and tool, ultrasonic chemical processing technology can produce a series of conditions close to extremes in the medium of chemical reaction. This energy can not only stimulate or promote many chemical reactions, accelerate the speed of chemical reaction, but even change The direction of these chemical reactions produces some unexpected effects and miracles. This is ultrasonic chemistry.

500W Ultrasonic Homogenizer Laboratory Dispersing Homogenizing


Ultrasonic Cell Crusher Ultrasonic Cell Crusher, also known as Ultrasonic Crusher, Ultrasonic Emulsifier, is a multi-functional, multi-purpose instrument that uses ultrasonic waves to produce cavitation effects in liquids; it can be used for a variety of animals, plants, viruses, The breaking of cells, bacteria and tissues can also be used for emulsification, separation, homogenization, extraction, defoaming, clarity, vegetation of nano-materials, dispersion and accelerated chemical reactions.


Frequency: 20khz

Power: 500w

Voltage: 220V

Temperature: 150 ℃

Pressure: normal

Sound intensity:>10W/cm²

Maximum capacity: >500ml/Min

Tool head material: titanium alloy


1. Real-time monitoring of frequency and power

2. Easy to operate

3. Strong anti-interference ability

4. The power of the ultrasonic generator is adjustable to suit different working conditions

5. Can be set to control the ultrasonic vibration time and intermittent time

6. Lightweight and easy to carry

7. Ultrasound is physical and does not produce a second pollution


1. Biology  field

2. Microbiology field

3. Physics field

4. Zoology field, 

5. Agronomy field, 

6. Pharmaceutical field







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