3000W Industrial Ultrasonic Circular Homogenizing System

Ultrasonic sonochemical processing equipment plays a special role in extraction, separation, homogenization, emulsification, aging, degassing, synthesis and degradation. At present, it has been widely used in biodiesel production, microbial treatment, biodegradation treatment, biological cell pulverization, extraction of Chinese medicine ingredients, increasing liquid mobility, and particle refinement.

3000W Industrial Ultrasonic Circular Homogenizing System




Altrasonic has created China's first High power vibration ultrasonic cavitation erosion system in full accordance with American Society for testing Materials ASTM G32-06 standard.  In additional, we cooperated with the Friction and Wear of Materials Research domestic authority---Lanzhou Institue of chemical physics Jointly development research. Lanzhou Institue of chemical physics is in the leading of in the research materials cavitation erosion, and has a State Key Laboratory of Solid Lubrication. We Combine their own strengths in the ultrasonic field of research and development, therefore our high-power ultrasonic Vibration ultrasonic cavitation erosion system has been endorsed unanimously by the user.



Output power3000watt
Main advantagesHigh output power and cavitation effect
Power supplyDigital Generator
Power rangePower can be adjusted from 1% to 99%
Material of probeSpecial Titanium material
ApplicationDispersing, Mixing, Homogenizing, reduce the size of particles.

Applied Range:


  • Ultrasonic mixing

  • Ultrasonic dispersing and deagglomeration

  • Ultrasonic Emulsifying

  • Ultrasonic Sonochemistry


Key Features:  

1. Ultrasound probe is imported titanium alloy material, durable 
2. Energy-efficient transducer to ensure a strong effect 
3. Amplitude automatic adjustment, the load situation of the different amplitude consistent 
4. Working hours, ultrasound can set the interval 
5. Microcomputer control, ultrasonic power continuously adjustable 
6. Integrated sample temperature control to prevent overheating 
7. Speakers are separated by a special sound insulation, sound insulation 



Cosmetics, emulsion, bath shampoo, ointment, tooth paste, oil, perfume, beverage, pharmaceuticals, coating and ashesive etc.


Main Characteristic: 


1. In full accordance with American Society for Testing Materials ASTM G32-06 standard design and manufacturing

2. The sample amplitude can be adjusted by the user required

3. Test fluid temperature can be real-time monitoring and adjustment, ensure the accuracy of the experiment.

4. Sample test Interval can be adjusted by the user required

5. Sample amplitude, frequency parameter can be Real-time display,Monitoring and adjustment

6. Ultrasonic vibration stable, reliable, less fever heat.

7. All of System parameters through standard testing, result of a measurement have Highly comparable.



1.Is the transducer water-cooled? If not what keeps it from over heating?

It has water-cooled.

2. What is the size of the reaction chamber?

The size of the reaction chamber is 5L.

3.Is the reaction camber doubled walled and water cooled?

The outer wall of the reactor has two layers, and the middle layer of the wall needs to be added with water for water cooling.

4.How do you control the pressure in the system?

Our sonochenistry system is equipped with a CNC power source(digital generator), which can automatically track the frequency, protect the overcurrent voltage and adjust the power.

5.Do you have a user manual you can send me? or videos?

Yes,we will send you instruction manual and installation video.

6.Does the system recirculate or is it single pass through?

Can be recycled.

5. Is the ultrasonic horn replaceable?

The diameter of the tool head is 4.5-5cm and the length is about 50cm.

It can be customized according to your requirements, but the length is shorter than this value, not too long.

6. How deep does the horn go into the reaction chamber?  Is it to the bottom?

The horn does not penetrate deep into the bottom of the reactor, generally in the middle of the reactor.


20K ultrasonic industrial level system (18)

20K ultrasonic industrial level system (24)

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