20kHz Laboratory Industrial Grade 500w To 3000w Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Ultrasound homogenizer for chemical extraction, biodiesel production, organic synthesis, treatment of microorganisms, degradation of toxic organic pollutants, chemical reaction rate and yield, catalytic efficiency of catalysts, biodegradation treatment, ultrasonic anti-scaling and descaling, biological cell crushing, dispersion and coagulation , Resulting in a local mini-environment that is very conducive to the reaction process, can greatly improve the reaction speed and reduce the reaction conditions.

20kHz Laboratory Industrial Grade 500w To 3000w Ultrasonic Homogenizer



Ultrasonic sonochemical equipment is mainly composed of ultrasonic drive power and ultrasonic vibration equipment, and is connected by a special cable. Ultrasonic sonochemical processing equipment generates radial vibration to the rod body through a high-power and large-amplitude transducer, and generates ultrasonic waves uniformly 360° around the vibrating rod.


Frequency: 20kHz

Power:500w- 3000w

Voltage: 220V/110V

Temperature: 300 ℃

Horn material: titanium alloy

Products Include

1. Transducer: 1pc

2. Generator: 1pc

3. Power Cable: 1pc

4. Transducer Cable: 1pc

5. External Control Cable: 1pc

6. Ultrasonic Probe:1pc


1. Adopt intelligent control technology to achieve stable output of ultrasonic amplitude to ensure even and stable cavitation effect.

2. Based on the automatic frequency tracking mode, the ultrasonic transducer is guaranteed to work in the best state at all times.

3. Provide continuous and intermittent working modes, and set the ultrasonic action time independently to facilitate experiment analysis.







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