20kHz 3000Watts Ultrasonic Circular System For Homogenizer Nanoemulsion

Ultrasonic homogenization utilizes ultrasonic cavitation and other physical effects in the liquid to achieve homogenization. Physical action refers to the formation of effective agitation and flow disrupting media in the liquid, pulverizing particles in the liquid, mainly collisions between liquids, microphase flows and shock waves, resulting in changes in the surface morphology of the liquid. Particles.

20kHz 3000Watts Ultrasonic Circular System 

For Homogenizer Nanoemulsion


ultrasonic homogenizer 20khz 3000watt (7)

ultrasonic homogenizer 20khz 3000watt (6)


Homogenization is the application of ultrasonic waves in chemical reactions and processes. The mechanism that causes homogenization effects in liquids is acoustic cavitation. Cavitation, that is, the formation of bubbles in the liquid, growth and implosion rupture. Cavitation produces intense local heating (5000K), high pressure (1000 atm), large heating and cooling rates (greater than 109k / sec) and liquid jets (400 km / h).






Output power




Main advantages

High output power and cavitation effect



Power supply

Digital Generator

Power range

Power can be adjusted from 1% to 99%

Material of probe

Special Titanium material


Dispersing, Mixing, Homogenizing, reduce the size of particles.


Ultrasonic mixing
Ultrasonic dispersing and deagglomeration
Ultrasonic Emulsifying
Ultrasonic Sonochemistry


Q:How do we confirm that the liquid in the tank has flooded the ultrasonic rod to the proper depth?

A: The material is added to the feeding port. The filling port does not need to be filled up, then the manual valve below the feeding port is closed, so that the material is completely full and can be recycled. Long-term operation of the reactor requires cold water.

Video of Installation Steps for Reference:


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