20K Ultrasonic Homogenizer System For Melt Metal Refining

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20K Ultrasonic Homogenizer System For Melt Metal Refining


The ultra-sound metal treatment system is intended for refining molten metal to remove unwanted gas and non-metallic inclusions from it, as well as modify by introducing ultrasound range oscillations into the molten metal flow, while regulating their frequency and amplitude.
It is a kind of high-power ultrasonic equipment specially used in metal casting industry. It mainly acts on the crystallization process of molten metal, can significantly refine the metal grain, uniform alloy composition, accelerate the bubble movement, and significantly improve the strength and hardness of metal materials.

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1. Refine the matal grain, uniform alloy composition, significantly improve the strength and fatigue reistance of casting materials, improve the comprehensive properties of materials.
2. Improve the metallography of solidification microstructure, thus improve the quality of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and zinc alloy
3. A small amount of impurities in the molten metal is allowed to spill over the surface through oscillation, so as to remove the impurities;
4. Stratify and aggregate the powder;
5. Removes gases such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, etc.
Main applications:
1, high-strength aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy casting;
2, aluminum, magnesium alloy bar, sheet metal production;
3, various alloy materials, and other crystalline rotor degassing;
4, metal matrix composites, high-strength aluminum piston casting;
5. Custom sizes available for laboratory and high volume industrial applications.                             




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