Digital Generator 20kHz 2000watt Ultrasonic Welding System Used In Precision Area

The digital ultrasonic welding system includes one piece of digital generator , transducer and welding horn. It's more suit for precision area such as medical and laboratory.

Digital Generator 20kHz 2000watt Ultrasonic Welding System Used in Precision Area

Description :

The digital system can automatically receive frequency, has wide applicability, and is friendly to customers with little operation experience. The system can be connected to an external control for remote control. We are equipped with two operating interfaces in Chinese and English. Various parameters will be set before leaving the factory and a stability test will be conducted.

Specification : 

Item No.: HS-W20

Frequency : 20kHz

Power : 2000Watt

Welding horn : 110x20cm

Generator : Digital generator

Net weight : 12.1 kgs

Size : 36*16*31cm

Advantages :

1. Frequency tracking: in the range of positive and negative 20kHz frequency deviation of the transducer, the generator can automatically adapt to the frequency change of the transducer without adjusting the frequency.

2. The circuit is equipped with EMI circuit and uses phase-shift full-bridge technology to adjust power, which can minimize the interference of the generator to the outside world, compared with the traditional thyristor power regulating circuit.

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