3000W Automatic Ultrasonic Generator Digital

Description: The principle of ultrasonic welding by the ultrasonic digital generator 50/60 Hz current is converted into 15,20,30 or 40 kHz energy, even reach 60khz. The high frequency electrical energy is converted by the transducer is again converted into a mechanical movement of the same...

3000W Automatic Ultrasonic Generator Digital

20Khz Ultrasonic laboratory sonochemistry (13).jpg


The ultrasonic chemical extraction, bio-diesel production and sound chemistry reaction extraction would select the frequency range: 15KHz ~ 100KHz. And the frequency 20KHz is the most popular, mainly it is because the lower ultrasonic frequency would be make the cavitation effect easier. And the practical applications have been proved 20KHz is the most efficient, and have been used widely.




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