Rinco 20K Replacement Type Ultrasonic Transduce

Rinco 20K Replacement Type Ultrasonic Transduce

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Rinco 20K Replacement Type Ultrasonic Transduce

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Ultrasonic transducers convert non-electric energy into electrical energy without the need for an external power source, called a transducer, also known as an active sensor.The transducer is the core component of the ultrasonic device, and its characteristic parameters determine the performance of the entire device.Ultrasonic transducers currently used, in addition to magnetostrictive structures, are commonly used to clamp piezoelectric ceramic transducers with front and rear cover plates. Ultrasonic waves convert high frequency electrical energy into mechanical vibrations through transducers. The characteristics of the transducer depend on the material selection and manufacturing process. The performance and service life of the transducers of the same size are very different. The transducers produced by Altrasonic Technology use imported high-performance ceramic sheets, which greatly improved the service life of the products.


1. Titanium, aluminum, steel materials of horn optional.

2. Once assembled, the transducers are aged before testing and final assembly. 

3.The properties of piezoelectric materials can change with time and pressure, so a bit of time on the shelf prior to      testing will identify nonconforming material.

4. One by one testing to ensure that each transducer performance are excellent.

5. good heat resistance, can be used in a wide range of temperature with long life and high reliability