20Khz Ultrasonic Converter Replacement Dukane 41S30 Type

Specifications: Description: The Replacement Converter for Branson CJ20, CR20, 922JA, 902JA, 502, Directly replaces Branson model 922JA Converter as used in 920 IW, IW+, AE, AES and AO actuator and IW machines. You tell us the brand item No, and we can make it for you according to the brand...

Dukane 20Khz 41S30



Output Power2000watt
Joint Bolt1/2-20UNF
Ceramic Disc Diameter50mm
Quantity of Ceramic Discs4pcs




The 2000 Watt 20 KHz Ultrasonic Converter Direct replacement for the Dukane 41S30 that delivers lower cost, rugged quality and superior value.

First, all of the parts are all new.

The parts are made from certified materials in tightly controlled manufacturing processes, assembled and

tested in a climate-controlled environment using carefully calibrated equipment, then properly aged and re-tested to ensure performance that duplicates the OEM part.





Ultrasonic Converters and Ultrasonic Transducers are one in the same. There is one Ultrasonic OEM, Dukane Corporation, that uses the term Transducer. All of the other ultrasonic OEM manufactures such as Branson, Sonics and Materials, Rinco, Telesonics and Herrmann refer to these as Converters or Konverters.

Converters or Transducers all do the same thing…convert electrical energy to mechanical movement…so we have our electrical charge being introduced across the surface of the ceramics at the desired frequency which in turn gives us a movement or vibration at the working end on the converter.

The converter is threaded onto a booster, which increases, decreases or just transfers the amount of movement from the face of the converter to the horn or Sonotrode as we call it.




We provide a wide range of high quality ultrasonic welding transducer, No matter what kind of transducer you are looking for,We can make sure that you can find one at here. it is by utilizing piezo-electric effect to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.the bolt-on type can make sure that the transducer can produce stable ultrasonic when load changes.







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