20KHz Ultrasonic Converter Dukane 41C30 Replacement Type

Specifications: Description: The Replacement Converter for Branson CJ20, CR20, 922JA, 902JA, 502, Directly replaces Branson model 922JA Converter as used in 920 IW, IW+, AE, AES and AO actuator and IW machines. You tell us the brand item No, and we can make it for you according to the brand...

Dukane 20Khz 41C30


Frequency: 20Khz

Input power: 2000W

Joint Bolt:1/2-20UNF

Ceramic disc Diameter: 50mm

Quantity of ceramic disc: 2pcs

Capacitance: 11nf


Converter/transducer: converters the electrical signal into a mechanical vibration. The replacement converter for Dukane 20K. All your special requirments could be customized here! 


Firstly: Mechanical quality, high efficiency, high in the resonant frequency factor some work can gain the highest electro-acoustic conversion efficiency.

Second: amplitude big: via computer optimization design of structure, vibration amplitude ratio is high, front cover.

Three: large power: in prestressed screw, under the action of piezoelectric ceramic energy get maximum play.

Four: heat-resistant good: resonant impedance small, discusses the small, use temperature range. High reliability life long.

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