Heat Resistance Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Converter 28K 500W

Heat Resistance Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Converter 28K 500W

This Type Ultrasonic Transducer is applied to different type ultrasonic welding machine, standard welding machine, NTK type welding machine. And can be connected with different type welding horn.

Heat Resistance Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Converter 28K 500W


Output power500W
Ceramic disc Diameter38mm
Quantity of Ceramic discs2pcs
Material Of Booster

Titanium, Aluminum, Steel Materials Optional


3.8 - 4.3 nf


Welding Machine


Our company's transducers are mainly piezoelectric transducers that use inverse piezoelectric effect of materials to realize energy conversion.It is composed of an electrode sheet, a bolt, a ceramic sheet, a front end and a back end.


Transducers are common in everyday industrial applications.It is mainly used in ultrasonic welding of plastic and metal, such as in the toy stationery, plastic electronics and automotive parts industry ultrasonic welding.We can produce customized products according to customers' needs.

Competitive Advantage:

We promise to provide one year free warranty for our products.The design of the product is reasonable and scientific, such as the ergonomic hand cutting knife.


Q:What is the difference between cleaning and welding transducers?

The power of the cleaning transducer is small, usually only dozens of watts (the oscillator is in series together);The power of the welding transducer varies from several hundred watts to several kilowatts (depending on customer requirements).


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